About us

Did you know that having five or more sunburns, especially during childhood, doubles your risk of skin cancer later in life?

Founded by dermatologist and skin cancer expert (MD PhD) Dr Daniel Kadouch, Tenue de Soleil was created with one purpose: to protect future generations by championing skin care and promoting a sun-smart culture.

Daniel lives and works in Amsterdam. In addition to his work as a dermatologist, Daniel is a father of four young children. He understands better than anyone the hassle and challenges parents face aiming to protect their young children from sun damage.

That’s why he created Tenue de Soleil: Sustainable Sun Protection,

Expertly designed to offer best coverage and comfort. Good for your skin and good for our planet.

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas regarding Tenue De Soleil, or products or our mission, email us at info@tenuedesoleil.com, call us at +31 20 244 1982 or connect with Dr. Daniel Kadouch on LinkedIn.

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