What is your skin type?

When we talk about skin type and its reaction to sun exposure, we talk about the so called Fitzpatrick skin type (or phototype). Developed in 1975, the system classifies six skin types according to the amount of pigment your skin has and your skin’s reaction to sun exposure. This information can help predict your overall risk of sun damage and skin cancer. What is your skin type?

  • Skin type 1: Pale white skin, blue/green eyes, blond/red hair. Sun reaction: always burns, never tans.
  • Skin type 2: Fair skin, blue eyes, blond hair. Sun reaction: usually burns, tans minimally
  • Skin type 3: Darker white skin, light brown eyes, light brown hair. Sun reaction: sometimes mild burn, tans uniformly
  • Skin type 4: Light brown skin, dark brown eyes and hair. Sun reaction: burns minimally, always tans well (moderate brown)
  • Skin type 5: Brown skin, dark brown eyes and hair. Sun reaction: rarely burns, tans very easily (dark brown)
  • Skin type 6: Dark brown to darkest brown skin, black eyes and hair color. Sun reaction: almost never burns

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